Notes from the journey

– Despite having spent the last week packing, Sydney caught me without something important just as we walked out the door: “Okay, Erin, I’m not forgetting anything dumb like my passport, right?”  “Oh, no, you aren’t . . . but apparently I am.”  So it seems Erin is not quite used to this “international travel” business.

– License plate seen on the drive: “YUI AUTA.”  We also got to follow a couple of souped-up cars from the ’40s for a long stretch of road before they turned off into what looked like a large regional car show.  The license plate on the one?  “RD RAT 1.”

– We called it quits in Bangor, ME, after 9 1/2 hours of driving and have settled in for exactly five minutes of a David Attenborough film on birds.  Then we’re out for the night.


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  1. Mother of the bride says:

    Seems this is how we may communicate over the next week or so…glad to hear the first travel day went well. Picked up a Faulkner book today – immediately honed in on Light in August. Will attempt to read As I Lay Dying before the trip.

    The chickens are going to miss you…


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