I got back around noon from a number of errands and strawberry-picking with some new acquaintances.  As I unloaded the strawberries from the car, I decided to try to make it all in one trip (this is where the stupidity and stubbornness begin).  So, setting down the strawberries while darting glances in every direction, I reached in to get the other bag . . . and found myself surrounded by chickens.  Very eager chickens.  Chickens who seemed desperate to get near the beautiful red strawberries I had picked (12 pounds of strawberries, mind you).  Nearly beating them back, I raced for the door.  By now, Sydney and I have each had a huge bowl of them (him with cream, me with sugar), there are two quarts ready to go on our car trip tomorrow, and seven pounds are in the deep freeze.  Harvest has begun!


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