Sydney’s performance

One of the really nice things about the philosophy program at Cornell is that after every semester the professors write up evaluations of the grad students that they had during the semester. Eventually these evaluations are given to the student. I got mine for last semester yesterday. Here’s a quotation from each of the professors evaluating me:

Prof. Sturgeon: “Sydney spoke up only occasionally in class, …”

Prof. Irwin: “He was a little reticent in oral discussion, …”

Prof. Eklund: “He didn’t speak often …”

Apparently old age has brought on taciturnity.

– Sydney

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2 Responses to Sydney’s performance

  1. Mother of the bride says:

    I would surmise, Sydney, that those same comments could just as likely have been written by your 6th grade teacher.

    Do you yet regret providing me your blog info??!!

  2. fustianist says:

    Actually, I’ve generally been very talkative in classes. Especially as an undergraduate I was liable to be the annoying student who insisted on always interrupting the professors’ lectures to ask questions, raise objections, etc.

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