When the opportunity appears

For the past week or so Sydney and I have been foiled in our attempts to get the garden in order; we’d hoped to get things tidied up before we head to Nova Scotia and let it all run wild for two weeks.  Although two weeks ago the weather was so hot and dry we could hardly stand to stay long enough to water, this past week it has rained us out every day.  Each day as we thought we’d set out for the garden a thundercloud appeared–with lightning, just to reinforce the point.

Finally, this afternoon, we set out for the garden, thoroughly expecting to come home again in half an hour, disgusted with yet another thunderstorm.  But we worked and worked, weeding and hoeing until the evening.  We then picked up food at the little gourmet grocery just down the road from the garden plots (it’s far too convenient for hungry gardeners and avid foodies), and ate our dinner sitting on a cliff overlooking a riverbed and accompanying forested hills–a spot that is, no kidding, 150 yards from our garden plot.  Yup, a nice place for rejuvenation.  We then continued working until the dark drove us home.


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