A morning on the hunt

It’s been a great morning, and this despite not getting a lick of work done.

I woke up to the desire to scrub down my kitchen.  I don’t ask why or whether it makes sense when this happens; I just do it.

But then I spent almost two hours hunting down an early-twentieth-century sociologist that my advisors recommended I read.  In the process of trying to find a good book of his to read I discovered quite a bit more about him and am now really intrigued by his work and ready to read up!

I also, after pining for the Planet Earth DVDs I recently discovered, found them for a good deal on ebay and bought them.  Something like 20 hours of documentaries will be winging their way here shortly!

And Sydney surprised me by announcing that, in addition to going to see his family in about a week, we’re also (as a Penner family) going to be making a two-day trip to Cape Breton in Nova Scotia almost as soon as Sydney and I arrive.  I’m excited about traveling, I’m excited about visiting such a large park, and I’m really excited about the prospect of going on a boat tour to see puffins while there.

Alrighty, now it’s time I dig into my work before anything else wonderful and surprising distracts me.


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5 Responses to A morning on the hunt

  1. Sounds like a fun trip in Nova Scotia. I’ve always wanted to see puffins. I’m also curious about the 20th century sociologist that has you so intrigued?

  2. fustianist says:

    Georg Simmel, actually. I was hoping to ask: does anyone in sociology actually study him now?


  3. ilovewindmills says:

    Ooh, I’m really interested in Planet Earth as well. I just finished watching Blue Planet not too long ago, and it was FANTASTIC. Enjoy the trip to Nova Scotia!


  4. Heidi says:

    Oohh, puffins!! That sounds like so much fun!

    I sent you an email with a link to our wedding pictures today, though I don’t know if your email is still out of commission.

    Have a great trip, travel safely!


  5. Oh yes. I read quite a bit of Simmel’s work in a social theory course I had last year. He might be a bit on the margins, but sociological theorists definitely pay attention to him.

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