Travels with Sydney

This morning we dropped Sydney off at the airport so that he could return to Ithaca.  He made it in safely later this afternoon, and has been kept busy laying in the groceries, petting the cat, and setting house and garden to rights before the medieval-philosophy conference he’ll be attending begins tomorrow.

I have to say, I had great fun “hosting” my husband in my home community.  Iowa cooperated, with lovely nature trails, interesting birds for him to spy through his binoculars, and good weather for biking and exploring the Cedar Valley.

In my remaining days here I’m looking forward to more family time, reading a couple of good books, and helping Heidi prepare for her wedding.  I’ve got a good start: Mom and I did some shopping later today (can you believe I look forward to shopping in Iowa, even though I live in New York?), and the family sat out roasting s’mores over a fire late this evening.  The warmth from the fire made me too sleepy for reading, but I thought I would dash this off before heading to sleep.


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