Kids trade school for online lessons, and then for summer play

Katherine and Nathaniel currently share their parents’ distaste for computers (particularly video) and for car rides.  We like both our education and our socializing in person and on foot.  So our biggest struggle with staying at home these past few months has been with the substitutes that are being offered for school and for socializing.  When I told Katherine there was a drive-through celebration for fifth-grade graduates this week, she looked appalled at the thought that we might go; neither kid can be convinced to Zoom with family members.

So, what have they been doing?  Well, some schooling, though their teachers pulled back pretty quickly after initial lessons proved difficult to manage online.  As Sydney and I hunkered down for the final grading push this week, the kids knew they were on their own, so they played with the chicks (peekaboo in the spinach in the greenhouse), dug out all the Legos, helped on the farm (Sydney’s first radishes have arrived), and organized their books.

Nathaniel, only ever having known life with Katherine, may not yet realize that it’s not normal to have color-sorted Legos and alphabetized and labeled books, but she set the tone before he arrived on the scene.  Yes, we know bookcases are usually used vertically, but since those bookcases are ceiling-height, we aren’t setting them up unless Sydney secures them to the wall studs, in case they come crashing down!


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  1. Mother of the bride says:

    As their grandmother, I believe I must have the most beautiful grandchildren. I so enjoyed this blog! The chicken peppers are of course, the cutest little things. It looks like Dad and Katherine are quite enthralled with them. Speaking of enthralled, Sydney’s radishes look lovely! They look just perfect for roasting (I read that somewhere in a recipe).

    What a great design for the bookcases! It looks like a school library! Fabulous idea!

    All in all, now that school work is finally over, it’s turning into a lovely summer for you!

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