Back in the “real” world

So today Sydney and I had a trial run of being back in academia. We spent a fairly long day on campus, with a luncheon, lecture, a trip to the gym, reading in the lounge, etc.

I must say, it was nice to be home. Yup, you heard me. When I walk in my building, I have keys to an office, access to a computer lab and lounge, and comfortable chairs just outside my department. Sydney and I spent enough time on campus last semester for it to really start feeling homey. Not that large, echo-y hallways are my idea of cozy, but it’s a big, solid building that I can point to and say, “There, that’s what I do.” That’s actually sort of comforting after weeks on my living room couch, inhaling novels, wondering if I am really sure that I’m working, or whether I’m going to get a rude awakening someday.

Another thing that helps it feel like home is the fact that Sydney’s just down the hall. You heard me. The Philosophy and English departments share the second floor of a large building on the arts quad, meaning that I routinely stride down the hall (It’s actually long enough that I’m often tempted to run) and ask if he’s ready for lunch.

And, whenever shared offices get a bit rowdy and I really need to grade papers, I have a carrel in the library whose austerity ensures that I will be productive (though it’s kind of a last resort). It’s just really nice to have your own little corner of the planet, particularly on a college campus, where the students change composition each year and the comfortable chairs in the cafes are always warm from the person who just vacated them.

Oh yes, and I discovered that I need two more books for one of my classes . . . book-shopping always gives a big boost to the beginnings of semesters.


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