Fruit and Flowers

There are piles of veggies coming out of the garden and farm (particularly since Sydney recently built a small greenhouse), but this year we’ve also seen an increase in fruit from what Sydney’s planted in the yard.  We had a short burst of strawberries in May/June, but we’ve been harvesting blueberries for several weeks now.  Thankfully, both kids help me with picking.  This is what Nathaniel and I harvested one morning recently, as blueberries were slowing down and blackberries were revving up.

Flowers, though, have really taken off.  As Kentucky heads into the hot and dry half of the summer, we know they will fade, but they currently look great!


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  1. Mother of the bride says:

    Sydney, you have outdone yourself! The entire yard looks beautiful! I love that the front walk is wide open and welcoming with flowers! And such a little happy face at the door!

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