Music in our house is a bit of a delicate dance.  Katherine has been taking piano lessons for 2 1/2 years, readily claims music as a big part of her identity, and draws music notes and pianos on her school folders.  But when she needs to sit down to the piano bench to practice . . . well, it’s a mighty internal (and sometimes external!) struggle.  She has, though, re-upped for lessons this fall, of her own volition.

Nathaniel has been watching his sister, and, until recently, made clear that he had absolutely no interest in following her into music.  I’m guessing he understood that he’d need to hold up his end of the bargain and practice each day.  But a few days ago he asked if I’d give him a lesson, “just to try it  out.”  He understood, as we talked, that this would mean following through with practice.  So this afternoon we sat down and I walked him through a few opening exercises.  “This is harder than I thought!” he said, but he didn’t seem dismayed.  If he keeps a decent attitude going, this could be just the thing he needs to get him to learn more about what he’s capable of doing–with a bit of effort.

I won’t, though, let my hopes get too high: I know exactly how hard and long the music road runs!  Still, it would be great if they could lean on each other for help and encouragement.  And when he looked at the books Katherine had propped up on the piano, Nathaniel was clearly admiring of her ability to see anything in that tangle of black ink.  To give her a bit of company, I’ve also dug out some pieces I thought I used to know, and have started working through them.  I’m really rusty, but I’m enjoying becoming reacquainted with an instrument I stepped away from a long time ago.


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