I seem to crave the unhealthy.  Sugar, to be precise.  I love fruit, sure, but it’s a bit harder to turn my tastes to vegetables.  Take that, and thne imagine being married to Sydney, who has no sweet tooth and who was raised to eat veggies like no other.  It’s difficult being a constant disappointment to one’s spouse! 🙂

But thankfully, I recently discovered something for which I prefer the healthier choice: rice.  White rice makes me shrug, and I don’t care for the creamy “milk” of white-rice risotto.  But basmati rice, wild rice, I love it.  This desire for taste and texture extends to other nutty grains like quinoa and oats.  Finally, at least one small part of my body is inclined in the right direction!  Woohoo!


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3 Responses to Finally

  1. Kris says:

    I am a sweets junkie myself…

  2. Sydney says:

    I don’t know what this talk about my not having a sweet tooth is about … I love sweet foods … I just prefer them not to be nauseatingly sweet.

  3. Mother of the bride says:

    Alas – it’s a mutant gene inherited from her mother, s-i-l.

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