green consumers?

The Washington Post has a lovely piece on that recent oxymoronic development called ‘green consumerism’. Here’s the opening of the piece:

Congregation of the Church of the Holy Organic, let us buy.

Let us buy Anna Sova Luxury Organics Turkish towels, 900 grams per square meter, $58 apiece. Let us buy the eco-friendly 600-thread-count bed sheets, milled in Switzerland with U.S. cotton, $570 for queen-size.

Let us purge our closets of those sinful synthetics, purify ourselves in the flame of the soy candle at the altar of the immaculate Earth Weave rug, and let us buy, buy, buy until we are whipped into a beatific froth of free-range fulfillment.

And let us never consider the other organic option — not buying — because the new green consumer wants to consume, to be more celadon than emerald, in the right color family but muted, without all the hand-me-down baby clothes and out-of-date carpet.


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2 Responses to green consumers?

  1. Heidi says:

    I had trouble getting the article to load, but I LOVED the opening!! I can’t stand this rush to buy crap because the label indicates it is “green” — most of the labels don’t explain what makes the product “green” and sadly, most consumers wouldn’t read the label anyway…

  2. Kris says:

    I try to keep my consumer urges confined to the thrift store…which I donate to quite often as well.

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