The return to school on Monday means . . .

1) I will return to wearing dress pants, skirts, and heels, rather than layering thermals, jeans, and sweaters good for lounging on a sofa. I refuse to wear uncomfortable clothing, but it’s nice to look different from my students, who may have just rolled out of bed in those tracksuits and hoodies.

2) I will not have time to inhale books a couple hundred pages at a time. My planner will become attached to my person, and time will come in slivers, not large chunks.

3) My body will be much happier. I eat well when we’re both home and have time to cook, but our apartment’s small: no exercise. I can feel my body thanking me when I go to the gym, but over the course of the winter break it gets progressively more difficult to do so – despite best efforts I’ve lost ground. And if Cornell is known for nothing else, it has a reputation for arduous hills and a lot of vertical mileage!

4) Sydney and I will be crazy-busy.

5) I get to be teacher again!

6) I get to have someone else assigning me work, rather than try to make sure that I am actually productive with my days. Naturally inclined to laziness, right here. Somehow, though, by dissertation stage I have to become entirely self-motivated. Right, still working on that.

7) We will probably post less often (sorry, guys). However, you might be glad that we don’t try to maintain our current production, because our lives will get even less interesting. What are you up to? Homework 🙂


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  1. Kris says:

    Erin, you crack me up. (and I totally understand non-self-motivation)

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