Spring and company

On Friday Sydney’s long-time friend Milton stopped in for a visit. Milton happened to be driving a semi-truck through the middle of New York and thus became our first drop-in visitor.  We never have people come to visit us, since, according to Midwesterners, we live way out on the East Coast and, according to East Coasters, we live way back in the hills.  Alas.

But with Milton around, we had a great time.  Sydney saw this as a great excuse to pay a visit to our favorite Thai restaurant in town.  He’s still getting over his nasty cold, though, so I can’t say he was the liveliest host in history!  And, of course, Ithaca is best seen later in the season, when the Farmer’s Market’s and hiking trails are open.  But we tried to show him the sights!  I’m also very glad that Milton likes cats since, well, it didn’t take more than ten minutes for our cat to be jumping all over him.  Perhaps she helped to make him feel at home 🙂


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