Beautiful summer color

One of the most enjoyable parts of being at the market is fielding the “What is that?” questions from people who stop by.  Did you know that you could get cauliflower in four different colors?  The purple seems to go over well here.  If it weren’t simply the most striking color, I’d worry that people were showing excessive school pride (Asbury is purple and white).  If Sydney could somehow pull off a UK blue, he’d really have a hit on his hands.

Don’t worry: Katherine’s doleful looks in recent pictures have to do with her sudden shift from try-too-hard smiles to dislike of being asked to hold still for pictures.  She’s not actually downcast at cozying up to potatoes.  This is still the most flattering of the eye-rolling, tongue-sticking-out poses she offered us, but Sydney and I warned her that we’re keeping the rest for possible later use at graduation parties and weddings.  In the picture, she’s holding a giant mixing bowl of tiny new potatoes: most of them are too small to sell, but they’ll be perfect for roasting with rosemary and olive oil at home.

Katherine was recently encouraged to keep an eye out for volleyball camps.  Apparently someone noticed that she’s pretty tall for an eight-year-old.  I hope she can make it through with fewer knee injuries than I got, but Sydney and I both really like volleyball, and I hoped that, eventually, we’d be able to put together a game with the four of us.  Nathaniel doesn’t seem to be lagging behind in size; now we just have to work on coordination.



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