Penners to Market

Yesterday was Sydney’s first appearance at the Wilmore Farmer’s Market, which will run on Saturdays from 8-12 for the next six months.  This being a family affair, we were all there.  And, although I know he was nervous about pulling it all together and having enough produce to fill the table, he made a great showing.

This is a very small farmer’s market, but we have hopes that we can slowly build up the number of people who come.  A number of friends stopped by, despite its being graduation weekend (thus the appearance of one friend in a suit), the rain (one cold-hating friend sprinted toward us with “I’m only out here because of you!), and visiting family.  I only dared sneak a picture once the market was nearly at an end, but Sydney had a full table throughout, and the kids spent most of the morning playing games together in the back of the car.

The kids did pretty well with the long morning, the cold, and the walk; since Sydney had a full car, the rest of the family walked the mile to the market, which should usually be less chilly than it was yesterday (40 degrees!).  Although I suggested that Katherine, who hates being cold, could settle in with a book in one of the front seats of the car, she maintained her chilly perch peeping out the hatchback: “I like watching.”  Once we got home and she started setting up a game, we saw she had been learning a few things:


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  1. Mother of the bride says:

    The radishes make a lovely bouquet! And the various greens are beautiful! Great job, Penner family! Gotta love my little Teashop proprietor! She is open for business! Let her get a bit more experience, and she will be your top sales person!!

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