Fresh Air

Sydney’s brother, Nelson, and Nelson’s wife, Kira, are in town for the week.  Most of that has been spent around home, as we all enjoy a slower pace, with a few mad dashes to various grocery stores by the men-folk so they can do some experimental cooking.  The result has been a lovely slow pace and full tummies.

This morning, though, the last in our long weekend together before work resumes, we drove out to Daniel Boone for two nice hikes.  It was great to enjoy sixty-degree weather in January, and soak in the scale of the peaks in the park.  To orient you, there’s a woman in white shirt and pink sneakers across the gorge in the bottom of the picture below; can you find her?


Nathaniel was feeling pretty perky, granola bar in hand, about 1.5 miles into our hike.  Thankfully, although he got clumsier as he tired later on, he was just as perky at mile 4 and 5.  We were all grateful, though, for great veggie sandwiches after the walk; I saw several avocados meet their demise, and there doesn’t seem to be anything left of the caramel popcorn Kira made yesterday.  I may or may not have seen three adults lingering in the garage after we got home, polishing off the last bits.



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