Last Day in Prague

We didn’t try to run ourselves ragged on this trip, since we were coming off a hard semester, and my watch tells me we’ve been walking roughly 12 miles a day while we’re here, just getting out and enjoying things.  But on this, our last day in Prague, we visited the library in the Clementinum, a college launched by the Jesuits.  Like many places in the city, they discourage photographs, but this is a picture of the inside:


We would have loved to have had a reading session in there, but we were only allowed to peek in.  We also climbed up the many stairs to the top of the tower, and had a great view around the city.


This evening we attended a concert by the Prague Symphony Orchestra in the Smetana Hall in the Municipal House.  I’m grateful not only for the concert, but also for the chance to enjoy such a beautiful hall.  We got box seats for less than half of what we pay for the cheapest ones back home!  And we realized that we both love Art Nouveau buildings.  We don’t agree on design very often, so this was a real win!

smetana-hallNow, off to bed so I can rejoin my parents and children back in the States, while Sydney continues on to the conference location elsewhere in the Czech Republic.


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