Prague, Palace and Old Town

The castle in Prague is a large network of palaces surrounding St. Vitus Cathedral.  Given the height of the entire compound (it’s an uphill walk all the way there), it commands quite a view over the rest of the city, and offers one, too, as the lights of the castle reflect on the water at night.


I’ve really enjoyed simply walking around, enjoying the architecture.


If I read this correctly, this vineyard is said to have once belonged to King Wenceslas (as in, from the Christmas song, also a would-be king in the 10th century), on the hill of the Prague Castle.


The St. Charles Bridge, now pedestrian-only, and filled with walkers (okay, mainly tourists) at all hours of day.

prague7 prague8 prague9

This one is mainly for our kids.  See all the swans?


And this is us taking a break from outings to spend time in the Prague municipal library (Sydney had a paper to write), which features this tower of books as you enter.


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  1. David says:

    We’re enjoying the pictures!

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