Kids Deciphering “Swan Lake”

Some rabbit trail or other led to me watching most of the ballet of “Swan Lake” with the kids.  Hey, it’s Friday afternoon and 90 degrees outside, so we’re hiding out from the heat. Hilarity ensues:


“Where’s Odette?” [as they watch the entire swan corps dance]

“I don’t know.  They all look the same. . . . but they usually put her in the middle eventually.”

* * *

“See, guys, the swans have now been turned back into women.  The curse is over.”  [they graceful kneel]

“It looks like they’re dying.”

* * *

Nathaniel really didn’t like the sorcerer dancing with the visiting princesses.  He tsk-tsked through the entire set.  And he had to be reassured several times that, no, the prince couldn’t just hurt him and get rid of him.  I enjoyed pointing out, “No, Odette’s smart to intervene.  Love can help, but not violence, or the curse will last forever.”  He eventually looked convinced.  Overall, both kids were surprisingly compelled.  They don’t like cartoons (too scary, apparently), but ballet interests them.


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  1. Jenny says:

    Yay for Swan Lake! That has been a favorite of Francesca’s for a long time now (though it’s been awhile since we’ve watched it). We even gave her a copy for Christmas one year. I’m glad your kids enjoyed it!

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