Polka-dotted rainboots?

Yup, that’s what I’ll be shoveling in tomorrow.  I walked to the general store in my snow boots today, enjoying the fact that I had a lot more traction than anything on the road except the snow plows.  It’s wonderful to have a nice little grocery about a mile from my house, particularly when driving would be foolish but I really have a craving for fruit.  Ithaca has had wet, heavy snow coming down all day today, and it will continue through the first half of tomorrow.  Nasty, nasty driving conditions, but lovely for those who are observing from a wall of windows, sipping a cup of tea!

Tomorrow, however, the shoveling must happen, and I’m going to need the rain boots.  They’re a lot taller than my snow boots, and, considering the amount and weight of the snow out there, I think they’ll come in handy.  I bet I look like an idiot to most drivers who come by when I shovel: light shirt, yoga pants, heavy gloves, and polka-dotted rain boots.  And, admittedly, quite a lot of muttering under the breath as I think about tackling the bottom of the driveway (thank you, snow plows, for making a wall of snow and ice to keep me in!).  Between the intense morning workout and the sinus infection I’m nursing, I bet I’ll be in fine form to teach tomorrow–and to be observed by my slightly-scary teaching advisor!


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