Let them eat . . . apples?

When Mom was here last week I happened to pick up a lovely cake plate at TJ Maxx. You know the kind: white stoneware, elegant pedestal, round platter. When I told Sydney I bought a cake plate, he immediately asked, “A cake plate? What for?” We have never had a cake in this house and, unless Nelson gets a wild hair next time he visits, we likely never will. When I told Sydney I got it for fruit, however, he immediately understood. I am always looking for new ways to display fruit (books and fruit–what better decoration for one’s house?) and keep it from being tucked away . . . and forgotten. The cake plate seems to be doing its job. Every day I think, “Oh, how pretty” and pick up an apple to eat. Now that there is only a single apple remaining, the cake plate reminds me to get more fruit. Thank you, cake plate!


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