We learned the hard way last year that hiking in the middle of a Kentucky summer can be miserably hot.  So this year we started earlier.  On Sunday we headed out for an overnight trip to Daniel Boone State Park.  This time, Nathaniel assured me, he wouldn’t forget his shoes (last time he walked barefoot and I carried him half the way).

Since our old camera batteries were no longer charging, and I was in need of something smaller for upcoming trips, our family got a new camera.  So you should see more pictures of our kids and things away from our house (where we could charge each battery after it took a few pictures).  The kids got on a crafting kick this week (our first after school let out), so they decided to make their own cameras:

But then I’d better get back to doing more of this:

Both Sydney and I are slated for international trips in the next couple of weeks, and I need to be writing papers and making travel plans before then!





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  1. Mother of the bride says:

    The kids’ cameras look real at first glance! And at last – a picture of a parent!

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