There was something missing

Our living room hasn’t been a place where we do much lounging.  For the last three years or so, the large open area in this house and our previous rental were needed for Lego construction and snaking train tracks.  But now that the kids are a bit older (both less in need of that play area and less likely to destroy furniture), we thought we’d reclaim that space and get a couch.  Thanks to Craigslist and to David and Lisa (who lent us their van), we now have one!  Looking forward to some great reading and sleeping and cuddling as we get deeper into winter.


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2 Responses to There was something missing

  1. Heidi says:

    Very daring of you to purchase a white sofa with children and animals in the house 🙂

    Enjoy the snuggles.

    • Erin says:

      Yeah, I think the lady we bought the couch from was horrified at her couch’s future with us 🙂 But I figure I can recover as need be or swap out pillows. I wouldn’t have paid a fortune for a white couch, but this is a good trial run for us.

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