A New Addition to Our House

For almost a year we’ve had two parents, two kids, and two cats.  But in October, our grey cat, Woodsmoke, suddenly had trouble breathing and we learned he was up against heart disease or some other major inherited ailment.  So we had to put him down.  After that, his buddy, Domino, became more interested in spending time on our laps and curling up with us at night.

Although we were glad for the attention, we thought he would be happier with a buddy, so yesterday we brought home a nearly-grown tabby named Dexter.  He’s pretty ordinary in color, but his fur is very soft and he is a great mix of playfulness and cuddle.  He seems to like perching himself in places that will get him a pet or rub-down as people pass by.  He also breezed past Domino’s wariness and insisted that they start playing.  Immediately.  I think Domino (only 1 1/2 years old himself) is feeling a bit tired after trying to keep up with such an active playmate.  Only a few hours after meeting, they both curled up on our bed last night, ready to settle in–before more play today.

It may look like Katherine has the cat in a stranglehold, but she’s actually learning the age-old art of cuddling a cat who is very insistent on being petted, while keeping her eyes on her book.  The second Little House on the Prairie novel has her captivated, and we’re now having to tease her out of her reading to get her to do other things.  Yes, Mom, Sydney and I know that this is payback for the pains we caused in our childhood.



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3 Responses to A New Addition to Our House

  1. Heidi says:

    Oh my goodness Erin, she looks so much like you in this picture, straight down to the expression of determination on her face!

  2. Mother of the bride says:

    The kitties are precious! Little Dexter is clearly a social butterfly – er, kitty fly! Domino looks so cute…
    As usual, my little Katherine looks lovely 🙂

  3. Brother the Younger says:

    I think it will take some time to see Sydney in the kids; this is mostly due to never having seen him without a beard. All I see is a Birdsong boy and girl, and similar mannerisms.

    Then again, when you spend a lifetime looking at Birdsongs, you are bound to see the small characteristics before any obvious differences.

    Don’t worry, Mr. Penner, I’m sure those dominant genes will rear their heads sooner or later. My money is on a very different set of kids in a decade.

    I hope to meet these kittens soon. Who knows, maybe Remington will meet his cousins.

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