When little things come together . . .

the whole world can be made to seem right.

For one of my classes, this week’s reading included a long list of pdfs to download and print out, including one that had gobs of black edging that I was sure would kill off my printer.  So I thought I’d hunt up the original article and rescan it for myself.  Just as I was about to head to the library, I walked by the table in the English department where people put out old books or journals they no longer want, free to be taken by anybody who passes (yes, yes, I, too, am concerned about such dangerous exposure of undergraduates to strange, twisted, academic material).  Of the several items on the table, one was the journal and issue I needed for my scanning.  So now I’ve saved a trip to the library and a wait at the copier–and I have the original journal to boot!


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  1. Mother of the bride says:

    Life’s little gifts…

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