Kids are weird

When my kids get a bit sick or tired, they latch onto the weirdest things.  This past week, under the influence of a stomach bug, Nathaniel kept a firm grip on me and wailed that when he grew up he would have no one to marry and so would be “all alooooooone.”  Why marriage is suddenly so important to him, I don’t know.  I pointed out that his father and I would still be there, but that wasn’t helpful, and when I suggested that maybe he would meet someone at school or work, he ticked off the girls in his preschool and then cried harder than ever.  Weird kid.

Katherine, meanwhile, was inconsolable this afternoon when we got a hailstorm that created a temporary river in our yard and caused some damage to Sydney’s garden.  She wailed that she didn’t think we should even have a garden, that it’s too “expensive” to have plants outside, and that she hated rain.  The incessant rain of the past two weeks seems to be getting to her.  Two hours later, when the skies had cleared, the river had stopped, and things looked relatively normal again, she begrudgingly admitted that the world had not ended, but she still didn’t look thrilled.


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