A Sight to Make a Mother’s Heart Melt

Although you might think it, given that she’s the daughter of two bookworms, Katherine does not have to love to read.  I can insist that she learn to do it well, but I know we can’t pick our children’s loves.  It does thrill me to see her so engrossed in a passion of her own finding (“Just three more pages!” when I called her for breakfast), and I know from experience how rewarding this particular love can be.  Last month I brought home all of the young-adult fiction I own, from the Narnia books to E. B. White.  Katherine immediately latched on to the Little House on the Prairie books for our read-aloud time and by the time Nathaniel joined us we were in the middle of the third one, Farmer Boy.  


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2 Responses to A Sight to Make a Mother’s Heart Melt

  1. Jenny says:

    How wonderful! I hope mine get there. 🙂 They definitely love us reading to them…

  2. Heidi says:

    Those were favorites when I was growing up too. Farmer Boy was such an interesting contrast to Laura’s story!

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