Cabin Holiday and Home

Between conferences, we stayed in the same cabin where we’d honeymooned ten years ago.  Several things about our previous stay had stuck with us, shaping what we’d wanted in our new shared home and family: natural beauty (the cabin is on top of a mountain, and there is perfect silence around), lots of natural light, simplicity, and a window seat.  We’re still working on that last one, but I made good use of the window seat during our trip this time around.  We spent our time hiking, eating, and reading/writing (Sydney had a conference paper to finish up, and I needed to finish up some things from Boston).  It was lovely!

After our cabin stop, we headed on to Ithaca (which we also did ten years ago, when we started graduate school after our honeymoon), where I met up with a number of friends and got in some much-needed library time while Sydney attended a medieval philosophy conference.  We were very glad to be back in the town we first called home as a couple, and to see so many friends.

Now we’re back at home.  My parents just left this morning, with Nathaniel in tow, for their home in Iowa.  We’ll reconnect with them (and reclaim Nathaniel) at a Birdsong gathering at the end of June, but for now each house will have only one child in it.  We’re hoping that both kids will enjoy having some time to stake out their own interests and get one-on-one child with the family adults.  I’ll help Katherine continue making progress on reading, introduce her to piano, and stretch her legs with some hikes that would leave Nathaniel clamoring for a piggy-back ride. Currently, she’s tackling a series of jigsaw puzzles alongside her father–not something that’s easy to do with Nathaniel around!



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  1. Mother of the bride says:

    Love the cabin! I’ll take the enclosed porch while you perch on the window seat. All is lovely! Is Sydney’s head touching the ceiling in the kitchen??

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