I usually find the walk to my 11:00 class a bit of an obstacle course.  Since it’s right after chapel, and there’s a bit of a break before class, the halls are filled with clusters of friends making lunch plans, but mostly couples getting in a quick chat and a lingering hug before they go off to separate classes.  I’m usually trying to hold back on the eye-roll by the time I get to my classroom, and I consider myself mostly a romantic.  There are just so many!  But recently I saw something that was genuinely cute.  I gave an exam, and about ten minutes before class ended, when several students had already handed in and left, one guy came up, handed in his exam, and then headed back to his seat.  Wanting to make sure he knew he was free to go, I caught his eye and glanced at the door.  He understood, but did a quick head-nod toward his girlfriend, a nervous test-taker one row over, then pulled out his ipad, slid down, and quietly waited until she was done.


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