The difference of a few degrees

I’ve been reading about the March doldrums from other academics, and now I can see that life in Kentucky is just different.  Here, starting this week and last, the birds are cacophonous in the mornings, I’ve seen t-shirts and shorts around town, and Sydney has entirely lost his head to gardening (Let me know if you see a dignified philosophy professor anywhere.  Currently the only man in my house is a wild-eyed, dirt-covered, barefoot carpenter and farmer).  Kentucky is at 37 degrees latitude, and I’m realizing that that makes a big difference.  Iowa and New York are at 42, so that was my normal for the first 25 years of my life.  Oxford was 52, so quite a shift (dark by 3:30 in the winter, the sun never directly overhead).  To be now 15 degrees below that is really striking, particularly when I see snowy pictures of Boston as I wash dirt-covered little hands.  I’m invigorated by this spring weather (don’t worry: for those of you who are jealous, you will laugh when my brain melts this summer) and my only problem is choosing between writing and gardening/hiking/playing.


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