Kitchen work

In some families, it’s the living/family room that’s the hangout.  But in our house, the living room is a retreat, a place to get away from whirling activity.  For the action you head to the kitchen, where somebody’s cooking, someone else is building Legos on the counter, someone else has books piled on the table, and the fourth is drawing at her desk.

Thanks to Sydney, the kitchen is starting to reflect our family’s personality a bit more, too.  He hauled out the *meh* dishwasher next to the sink and, this weekend, installed shelving.  There is nothing that I like more than food storage, and it’s nice to keep staples handy.  We do have a small pantry, but we are regularly scared by how quickly our family can go through food.  By my count, that shelving could hold nearly twenty gallons of pantry goods, in gallon, half-gallon, and quart jars.


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