Sydney could see I’d had a bit much of our kids’ wild behavior this morning, and in the midst of my complaining, he reminded me, “Remember the kids’ book, when the girl realizes that her attitude makes things sweet or not sweet?  Yeah, same here.”

I was shocked out of my grumpiness: “Wait, you just quoted a Pinkalicious book at me?  The books Katherine has been picking out at the library that are covered in glitter and pictures of cupcakes and self-absorbed children?”

Wow.  Just wow.  But that left-field reference got me back in a better mood.

* * *

Sometime during the week of snow days in February the kids tackled watercolors, and now the cork boards over their beds are filled with families of elephants and trains (guess whose board has which pictures).  Sydney’s stack of t-shirts provided nice painting smocks.

And the cats got very cuddly.  They don’t seem to be keen on giving up ground just because they’re now twice the size they were when we got them in the fall.  The day they did this elaborate sharing/repositioning act I got almost three hours of work in.  I sometimes have to be forced to sit still.  My legs stayed quite warm under two cats and a blanket.


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