squirrel vs. cats

Not only are squirrels infuriatingly persistent when they’re, for example, trying to get at one’s bird feeders, they can also be extraordinarily insouciant. Today, as on many other days, our cats were going crazy by the glass patio door, watching a squirrel waltzing around a few feet away on the deck. The difference was that today the squirrel, seeing the cats, hopped right on over and started preening itself on the door sill. No more than an inch from the cats. Who were busy vainly throwing their whole bodies at the glass with repeated thuds!

Apparently the cats weren’t smart enough to figure out that the glass really wasn’t going to let them through. The squirrel, on the other hand, had utter confidence in the glass’s strength, and, by all appearances, was taking great pleasure in tormenting the cats.


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