Christmas Play

Yesterday, as we were setting out clothes for the church Christmas play, I asked Katherine what pants we could pair with a white shirt.  “We could do black,” she responded.  “Black sheep are cute!”

I then told her that there was something special about black sheep so we were going to shoot for a white sheep today, but since she pressed, I explained what “black sheep” meant: pariah, outcast, sport (yes, I used other words).  She sat processing this for a minute and said, “Well, they’re still cute.  I like them.”  I then told her that they’ve always been my favorite, too, and wondered what this said about us.

* * *

After he made it through the Christmas program today, Nathaniel apparently went back to his classroom and, as the other kids were stripping off their costumes, told his teachers that he needed to remove his crisp white button-up because “It’s my costume!”  When his teachers, laughing, relayed this to me, I confessed that it was the first time he’s worn that shirt.  Hey, it requires ironing!


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