This morning Sydney humored me by agreeing to walk from his apartment to his office in Ithaca.  On the map this looks simple, since they’re only a mile to a mile-and-a-half apart.  But there is an altitude change of a few hundred feet in that mile!  So, despite the fact that it was in the forties this morning, I found myself walking up the hill in a t-shirt, yoga pants, and sneakers.  I may happily flit around Asbury all day in a sheath dress and heeled sandals, but in Ithaca I start reaching for Eccos with tread, workout gear, and hiking fleeces.

Still, amused as I am to find my fashion tanking on my vacation, I’m glad to be back to my first real home as an adult.  My parents are (very generously!) taking care of the kids in Kentucky while I spend a few days with Sydney before driving back down to Pittsburgh for a conference at the end of the week–and then home to resume work and family in Kentucky.


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