We had a really good time with church friends this past weekend during a trek out to eastern Kentucky for a retreat.  Bethel Camp is tucked into the hills, and we enjoyed fall leaves and campfire and singing . . . and, of course, mosquito bites and s’mores, too.  We also came back as a family of five, rather than four:

Domino is just a few weeks old, but she seems to know all about being affectionate and gentle.  Although Katherine is still not totally sure about this cat with claws, Sydney and I have found her very sweet.  She comes when called, is always keen on finding a lap, and will put up with pretty much any kind of cuddling, roughhousing, or manhandling.  I gave her a thorough try-out before we let Nathaniel near, and she’s been wonderful.  Our only problem looks to be that I’ll be keen to steal away from the office so that I can work from home.  Tomorrow one of my classes is coming over for scones and a final discussion on George Eliot’s Middlemarch, so Domino should have plenty of company for the morning.


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