After pretty dismal scrounging for dinner last week, I decided I needed to do better.  So, thanks to a bit of time to plan out meals and a good grocery shop with the kids last weekend, we started the week prepared and have made the following things:

– chickpea curry

– turkey crockpot chili

– oat biscuits

– my most perfect omelet of all time, with red pepper and onion and amazing texture–of which Nathaniel promptly ate more than half

– pumpkin rice pudding

– swiss-chard lasagna

– kale pizza

– cream-cheese sandwiches with beets, radishes, pepper, cucumber, and green onion

Katherine’s and my lunchboxes have been smashing, particularly since I’ve been including great apples and Asian pears from our orchard haul.  We had two different sets of people over this week, which encouraged me to dig out some favorite recipes I haven’t made in a while.

Now, we’ll be gone at a church retreat this coming weekend, so I’m expecting next week’s food to be far from glamorous and a bit rushed, but I am glad that I can get up the motivation to do right by us when life is reasonably stable.  It’s particularly hard when Sydney’s away, since while I’m outnumbered it’s tempting to prepare foods that I know the kids won’t complain about, but I was glad to see that each found some good favorites out of my weird cooking this week and then proceeded to argue their case against the other one, who had chosen a different favorite. 🙂


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