Fall in all its glory

Although I’m well aware that the temperatures could still climb back up to 90, for the past several days we’ve had cool, dry, crisp-leaved days here in Kentucky.  Katherine has started requesting coloring pages of apple trees, she makes up apple songs, and she asked to go pick apples, so this weekend I took the kids to Boyd’s Orchards.  This is no ordinary apple farm.  There is a huge playground/petting zoo/activity area, and since I was keen to give the kids a chance to burn off energy, I said that we would prioritize playground over picking.  It meant that we walked out with squash and apples that we didn’t pick ourselves (though they’re delicious!), but we also had a great time playing hard and climbing hay bales and playground equipment that is truly for big kids.

Since there was a lot of equipment that Nathaniel found daunting, Katherine was very sweet and took his hand to help him through.  In fact, as they climbed inside structures and prepared to slither down slides, you could hear her offering instructions, scoldings, and gentle encouragement all the way until they emerged together at the other end.

Katherine was, as you can see, a bit unimpressed with the speed of this slide.



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  1. Jenny says:

    That looks like so much fun!

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