New House, New Home

As we’re settling into the new house and new routines, we’ve had a lot of help.  Sydney had a lot of helping hands from church friends when making the big, sweaty move.  Over the past two weeks, my parents came down ready to work and they not only helped me with the kids while Sydney was away, but also repainted the kitchen, fixed lots of non-functioning lights, scrubbed like crazy, helped pick and hang curtains everywhere, and took care of a lot of little things that I didn’t even know needed to be done in a house.  Now, with just the kids and me at home (and our project-funds exhausted), I’m keeping my ambitions pretty small.  But I did manage to paint the kids’ room the same green as our kitchen and hang up some cork boards for the piles of projects they bring home from school.

Now I need to get back to researching and scrambling to keep up with my students.


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