A trip to Louisville

This past weekend we made one more short family trip, this time to Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, just south of Louisville.  It gave us a chance to connect just before Sydney headed out to Cornell (he’s now there and settling in), to celebrate our ninth anniversary, and to learn more about the kinds of plants we might be able to plant at our house.  Sydney was quite taken with their tree collection and took a lot of photos and notes, and we were all amazed by how large and well-thought-out the arboretum was.  There was an edible garden, a children’s garden, and picnic tables and eco-friendly design everywhere.  With two (cranky) kids in tow, we only saw a small fraction of the grounds, and we’ll definitely be making plans to go back again when we can.

Katherine charges ahead, and Nathaniel is our collector.  He doesn’t really enjoy a hike unless he’s weighed down.


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