Any word from the experts?

Several of you have visited or spent time in London and Oxford.  Anything we can’t miss?


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2 Responses to Any word from the experts?

  1. Heidi says:

    London —
    (1) Go see the hotly contested Elgin Marbles in their contested location at the British Museum (admission is free)

    Oxford —
    (1) Sneak into the Radcliffe Camera Reading Room. If not, settle for the Bod Library rooms that are actually open for visitors.
    (2) Go to one of the college chapels for Evensong. Christ Church Cathedral Choir & New College are outstanding. I was also very fond of Keble College Evensong. Go hear something really British, like Tallis… Christ Church posts a music list online.

  2. fustianist says:

    Thanks, Heidi!!! I have been urging Sydney to check out the music scene while he’s there, but somehow forgot that I might be able to catch a few things myself!


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