Christmas time

Despite it being almost noon, I am the only one awake in our house.  Nelson’s plane left at 7 this morning from Syracuse (an hour’s drive from here), so the boys got up at 4 to get on the road.  I hugged him goodbye last night, packed them some food, and then slept through the entire early-morning adventure.

His last couple of days with us were full.  On Christmas day we did some cooking and then had Christmas dinner with Christi and her parents in the afternoon.  It was wonderful to have “company” for dinner, and it felt much more like a family dinner than if it had just been the three of us.  Plus the added benefit of getting to be silly and sleepy after the meal and then just stumble back to our side of the house after dinner.  We somehow got hooked by the old 1945-ish Sherlock Holmes movies, so we rented six of them and worked our way through them throughout the week.

Last night we had some good friends over for dinner, and Nelson put on quite the cooking display.  I was dismayed that he couldn’t tell me exactly what he’d done to make the butternut-squash soup so delicious, but maybe after numerous attempts I’ll be able to figure out something that comes close.  That’s the trouble with someone who doesn’t need recipes to make great food!

Now our house feels extremely quiet, with just the cat, the sleeping Sydney, and me.  I really liked having Nelson with us: he made Sydney laugh, he kept us from considering Christmas a work holiday, and he’s great to talk to.  Oh yes, and Arwyn certainly enjoyed the extra attention!  Now that I’m looking up from visitors and holiday festivities, I realize Sydney and I will be leaving the country in about a week-and-a-half.  I won’t list all of the things that need to happen before then.  I will simply bask in the pleasure of somehow, amazingly, not stressing about it.  Thank you, holiday quiet time!


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  1. Mother of the bride says:

    I hope you two are saving all of your entries – you and Sydney will someday laugh at your daily diary of events, and your children will love to read them!

    Love – Mom

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