Inch by inch, the moving progresses

With much help from David and Lisa, I got a lot done in my first few days of moving, and I took time to step back, vacuum, and enjoy the space.  But then it was time to mess things up again and take care of some nasty snarls.  I pulled the books all out and started sorting in the middle of the living room floor.  And I got on the phone to chase down the Sears people who hadn’t properly installed the washer and dryer, as well as the visa people who decided to change their application procedures one day before Sydney was ready to submit his final materials (yes, we’re still plagued by the visa hunt).  And I called the guy who sent his delivery man out with two twin mattresses but only one box springs for the kids’ room.  Let’s put it this way: by the end of several days full of phone calls, I had exhausted both my cell and home phone batteries, and I had all 2500 books sorted by call number letters.  Now I have to get the books organized within each letter (still a big task) and up on shelves before Mom and Dad come with the kids early next week.  But, after an expensive run to Lexington today to Target and Good Foods (a co-op that reminds me greatly of Ithaca’s Greenstar store full of organic and local goods), I think it’s starting to look more like home.  It might help that I now have something to eat other than oats biscuits and peanut-butter sandwiches.


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