safety of different travel modes

I was reading an article that included data on the safety of different modes of travel and I had just seen this nifty website that allows you to easily create graphs online, so I gave it a try. Here are the results:

The bars show how likely you are to die relative to distance travelled. As you can see, some ways of travelling are a lot safer than others. Here’s graph without that massive bar for motorcycles:

I think the bar graphs do a rather nice job of driving home (pun not intended) how much safer public transport is. Sadly, moving to Kentucky means that we will have to rely on a car again, since North Americans are very fond of being able to autonomously smash themselves to bits when and where they please.


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  1. Mother-of-the-bride says:

    And a nice car it is! I agree that living in a walking or public transport community is ideal. One tends to need less ‘stuff’ it seems, and having just enough on hand for necessities and small comforts is very…freeing. Your Kentucky community is a great little town to walk in – there are some beautiful flower gardens -but there isn’t a lot to walk to!

    • Erin says:

      I disagree with that! I can walk to work, walk the kids to nursery, take them to the swimming pool and racquetball at the gym, take them to lunch at half-a-dozen reasonable places, shop for groceries on foot, and explore three or so good playgrounds/parks. All within a mile-and-a-half. I’ve now been in Lexington several times (which has a pile of nice things), but I’m surprised at how much I can do right here.

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