Nova Scotia

I wanted to post a few more pictures of our stay in Nova Scotia, even if I am getting a bit behind in recording our travels.

In this summer of too-much-to-do, I am very grateful for the grandmothers, grandfathers, and other family and friends who have taken time out to just sit (or lie down) and read to my kids.  I love when the kids join me in the kitchen (they dug out every single one of Grandma Penner’s metal mixing bowls–Nathaniel apparently planned some serious cooking), but the sound of family and friends reading to my children stays with me a long, long time.

Once they realized that I’d be sticking close to the kitchen, the kids took up with Sydney and Grandpa Penner whenever possible, since going out with them meant playing in the dirt.  The sandy soil was just too much to resist, so on this particular day Nathaniel (later joined by Katherine) went all out.

The matching ladies.

Grandma Penner, her sister Tina, and Katherine, all shelling peas and chatting.

The wedding!



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