Penners at the Shore

To back up a bit, I wanted to post some pictures of the Penner family on an evening visit to the shore in Nova Scotia last month.  Katherine had been asking me to take her to the ocean long before we arrived in Nova Scotia, so off we went once we finally got there.  We also went to the zoo sometime during our stay with family, though my pictures didn’t turn out well from that visit.

Once we got to the ocean, however, it was Nathaniel, our resident water-lover, who really enjoyed getting wet.  He and Sydney stood for a long time with their legs lapped by water (long after Sydney got cold), and Nathaniel pointed to the water and said, “I want to dig my head in there.”

It was also great to go as a whole family, with both Sydney and his brother Nelson and their families; Nelson’s fiancee, Kira, even brought her dog, Oliver.

Nathaniel a bit earlier on the farm:

All of the Penner men:

Yes, this is one of my favorite pictures of my family:


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