Once again!

I’m really hoping to post pictures of our Nova Scotia adventures soon . . . but I can’t just yet.  I’m leaving within the hour for a ten-hour drive in our new car (we’re all relieved that I apparently still know how to drive after three years in England) down to Mississippi for a Faulkner conference.  The kids are settled in with my parents here in Iowa, so they should be in good shape.  I, meanwhile, need to rewrite the paper I’m giving on Monday . . . so I’m going to be a bit of a wreck until then.

Sydney’s in a bit more of a difficult position, however.  His visa interview went well earlier this week, and he was approved and almost out the door when they called him back in: they don’t think the police report he offered from the Canadian Mounties is sufficient evidence of his not having a criminal record.  They’re wrong (they just aren’t familiar with the regional papers, rather than the ones from the national office), but, hey, they make the rules.  So he’s now extending his stay in Oxford until the day or two before classes start at Asbury, in hopes that he can get more paperwork acquired and submitted, and then get his visa.  We’re not sure if he’s going to be able to teach this fall, given the circumstances; we’re waiting to hear from the chair of his department.  If they say no, we don’t really blame them: these are very tricky circumstances!  I’m also going to be moving into our house on my own, rather than having a luxurious week or so do to it with him before my parents bring the kids down.  Sigh.  That’s just apparently how things go in our life.  So, we’ll hope that the paperwork goes quickly and he can get his visa in time for school, be approved to teach, and be in Kentucky by mid-August.  I would like my husband back!!  Just don’t go asking him about his opinion of the American government any time soon.


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