A little young for romance

When I came home from Switzerland, Sydney asked me, “What do you know about a girl named Maya?”  Nathaniel had been asking Sydney about Maya, a girl from the kids’ nursery, all while I was away, and he had already been asking me about her occasionally for a few weeks before my trip.

When Sydney finally asked him, “Why do you like Maya so much?”  Nathaniel replied, “I just really like Maya” and then thought for a moment before repeating his answer.  So I was sent to pick up the kids with an extra mission: find out about this girl.  Apparently she’s a bit older than Nathaniel, quiet, and they often play together.  Sydney was not surprised to find out that her temperament is different from Katherine’s, and he seemed quite pleased with Nathaniel’s choice.  But this afternoon Nathaniel was in a great mood on the way home from nursery and walked and ran with me part of the way.  A cluster of young teenage girls, on their way to tennis practice, surrounded us for a few moments on the path and took a shine to Nathaniel, who was smiling for all he was worth.  So I’ll be on the lookout for girls in general, and not just the ones from nursery . . .


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