Running on two legs now

Yesterday we took Nathaniel back to the hospital to have his cast removed.  Katherine found this whole process fascinating, particularly since the nurse who removed the cast did so with a very large pair of scissors–and really exerted herself in the effort.  I think Nathaniel was a bit concerned about all this huffing and puffing over his leg.

After another round of x-rays, the doctor told us that he doesn’t think Nathaniel actually broke the leg (no sign of healing in the bone), so he guessed that this was more a matter of bumps and bruises.  I think Sydney’s disappointed at such an underwhelming conclusion to the story.  Nathaniel, for his part, is moving around a bit gingerly as he starts putting that leg back to work, but he seems glad to be able to crouch and climb again.  We celebrated with a nice long soak in the bathtub.

Sydney leaves tomorrow for a conference in New Orleans.  He doesn’t seem sufficiently thrilled to be going to the land of blues, pralines, and decadence.  Sigh.  I hope that he is, at the very least, able to get some rest in a hotel room all to himself, since the kids have recently done a number on our sleep here at home.



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